hey, sunshine

my phone sucks

on April 20, 2013

I’m pretty sure I have the worst phone of anyone I know. It’s about the worst phone you can get for ‘free’ from Verizon, because apparently Dan and I are the only people in America who can’t afford an extra $80 per month for a data plan. I’m actually to the point where I’d consider shelling out that kind of cash just to be rid of my horrible, hated phone but… I don’t get an upgrade until October.

There are many things that suck about my phone, but here are the top two: the ringer has been broken for months, so I have to have it on vibrate all the time (and I could probably have replaced it for free… if I hadn’t dropped it into a cup of water a few days ago) AND, it has absolutely no internal memory (and the micro SD card slot is broken) so I can’t play games (not that I could anyway with the teeny screen) or save photos. Today we took Damien to Turtle Bay and I left my camera at home, so I tried to take pictures with my phone, but I had to delete a picture for every one I wanted to keep. I didn’t even have enough memory to turn the picture in the photo editing program.

So that thoroughly annoyed me so I decided to free up some memory once I got home. It’s a pain in the butt because I have to email each photo to myself individually. Anyway, here are some random photos I found on my sucky phone:


Dan eating corn when we were lost in a corn maze last fall

(here’s the full story on the corn maze)


A random squirrel that got reaaaallly close to me in Sacramento


Filling the screen with sunflowers (just because I could) while playing Plants vs Zombies on my Nook

A non-mobile babien surrounded by toys

A non-mobile babien surrounded by toys

I also found photos of a whole bunch of recipes (purloined from holiday magazines in Barnes and Noble) so once I type those out and delete all the photos, I should have a bit more memory… I just wish my Phone of Ultimate Crappiness was a little less, well, crappy.

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